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The moment you register for free for The Empire on 92.1 CITI, a world of privilege, opportunity and adventure opens up.  Finally a new, easy way for you to interact with 92.1 CITI.

The more you listen to 92.1 CITI, the more we'll hook you up with exclusive, elaborate and exciting rewards.

Simply listen to 92.1 CITI. Earn Points. And Win! Best of all, you choose your prize.

As an Empire VIP Club Member, you'll get access to insider information, exciting contests, concert presales, and much more. 

This time... YOU'RE IN CHARGE!

Pick your prizes for instant gratification.  No waiting in line, no crossing your fingers hoping your name is drawn... YOU control what you want and when you want it.

And you get all this... just by listening to 92.1 CITI!

Enlist now and join The Empire! 

Only the VIP member who won/bought the prize can claim it at the radio station. Picking up prizes on behalf of someone else will no longer be accepted

4/24/2017 01:57 PM